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Getting lost in ideas and possibilities

When I'm playing around on illustrator and photoshop in my free time, I'm usually taking idols or photos that I took and make collages such as the ones shown to the left.

In the beginning I was thinking of using photography as my main approach to my sustained inquiry, but I was stuck thinking about taking what I had and finding a way to incorporate it into my pieces, instead of planning what kind of shots I wanted and going out to take them.

I decided to start focusing on a different aspect of the collages: the text. I make a lot of lyric collages and layouts so I started with making some lyric posters.


The first one I made was based on the song "Somehow" by DAY6

1.somehow day6.jpg

I pulled a quote from the lyrics, translated from Korean. Unlike other collages that I have made in the past, I wanted to make sure the photos I used were my own, and DAY6 is a band whose concert I attended and took decent photos of. So I decided to use one of their songs

The second quote poster I made was based on the song "All Alone" also by DAY6, the tone and meaning to the lyrics didn't really suit the images from the concert, so I decided to focus more on the typography and making it more of an actual lyric poster.

IMG_4901.JPG alone.jpg

The lyrics didn't really serve as proper body text, and in the "I'm Alone" piece, I thought the most interesting part of it was the title of the song. So I thought of focusing instead on the titles of songs, which brought me to album covers instead. In the past we had our album cover project which is where I got the idea. I started focusing on the typography.

DEAN - Half Moon Album Cover



I changed the typeface from a sans serif to a serif because I felt that gravity being physics and science related, would be better suited in a serif font. Then I made only the 'g' the main point to create emphasis.


The next cover I did was Worldwide by Jay Park. Looking at the word itself, I decided to take the "wide" and increase the tracking 

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 12.13.44

The first album cover I made was Gravity by DAY6. I tried a few different things, but the main idea was to convey the concept of gravity or something falling--having the text be falling.

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